5 Best 15 Inch Subwoofers for True Bass Lovers

The bigger the better – this doesn’t necessarily have to be the rule when it comes to subwoofers. In many cases, smaller subs will be able to produce the sound of a better quality then a device with more inches in diameter. Still, if you have enough room in your car, there’s nothing stopping you from getting 15 inch subwoofers.

First of all, a 15 inch subwoofer is guaranteed to look cool at the back of your car. Secondly, if you choose the device wisely, you might create a superb audio system for your car. Of course, finding the best 15 inch subwoofers is far from being an easy task, as there are so many things that need to be considered. You need to make sure it can handle enough power; it has to be loud and to create the sound of a very good quality. Furthermore, the best sub also has to be made of durable materials, so that it won’t stop working once you turn it on maximum.

Finally, there’s also the question of its price. Unless you plan to use it for bass competitors, spending too much money of a subwoofer seems pointless. The good news is that there are some 15 inch subwoofers that fit all the criteria mentioned above and do not cost much. The only problem is finding those devices among literally thousands different models. Luckily for you, we have already done most of the work. We have selected 5 devices, all of which deserve the title best 15 inch subwoofers!

1. Power Acoustik MOFO-154X

Every device that has ever come from Power Acoustik factories is known for high quality. We’re not only talking about the quality of the sound their subwoofers create, but also of the fact that all of their products are very durable. The same is true when it comes to Power Acoustik MOFO-154X, which is one of the best 15 inch subwoofers currently on the market.

The reasons why this subwoofer is so great are numerous. The first one is that Power Acoustik MOFO-154X is designed in a way so that it can handle quite a lot of power. Its power rating is 3000 watts, which is much more than subs with smaller diameter have. Furthermore, the device is capable of producing high quality bass sound, even when switched to the maximum. It’s all due to carefully designed parts and high quality materials used for this product.


In order to make sure the sound of quality remains the same regardless of how long you play the music, Power Acoustik decided to use the non-pressed pulp for the cone of this subwoofer. There’s also the heatsink made of cast aluminum voice coil. This means that the device will not get overheated even if you play it continuously for a long period of time.

Once we’re talking about the subwoofer’s design, we need to mention that it really looks amazing. Its color is black, with some blue parts on the side. This means that the 15 inch subwoofer is elegant, while having the aura of power.

The product itself looks amazing, but you can make it look even better by getting a 15 inch subwoofer box. Not only can the 15 subwoofer box make the device look different, but depending on its type, it can also alter the type of the sound. If you are looking for a boomy sound that will cause your whole car to vibrate, think about getting a sealed 15 inch subwoofer box for MOFO-154X.

Is MOFO-154X Worth Buying?

Only the fact that MOFO-154X is made by one of the most respectable manufacturers of sound equipment for cars, is enough recommendation for this device. Furthermore, the 15 inch subwoofer has proved its quality, as those who own it simply love it. It’s powerful, reliable, and on top of everything fairly affordable.


2. VM Audio Encore

If the previous 15in subwoofer on the list is not powerful enough for you, then it’s best to take a look at VM Audio Encore. The power handling of this 15 subwoofer is a whole 4000 watts. Of course, we’re talking about the peak power handling, while the RMS is two times less. Still, this makes VM Audio Encore a very good choice for those looking for competition subs.

But, being powerful is not the only good this about this 15 inch subwoofer. It’s also very reliable and if you use it the right way, VM Audio Encore can be your humble servant for many years. Furthermore, this 15 inch subwoofer also looks very mighty, so if you have enough space at the back of your vehicle, the sub will fit in perfectly.


Its power handling is pretty impressive, but does this subwoofer has what it takes to be used in competitions. We know it can be loud, but can it withstand high power pressure and the high temperature that occurs after playing it for a long time?

It seems that VM Audio Encore can do that. Because only the top-notch materials were used for its construction, the subwoofer will not get overheated. The nickel-plated wire connection terminals, as well as rubber surround, ensuring that the 15 subwoofer will last long.

There’s also the die-cast stamped steel basket, which is in charge of keeping the subwoofer in its place. This means that you don’t have to worry about it falling out from its slot at the boot of your car when driving over rocky terrain. And even if it does fall out, physical damage is almost impossible to occur as the sub is made of resilient materials.

You can add extra protection to your subwoofer, as well as improve its sound by buying the 15 inch subwoofer box, as well. Depending on the type of box you get, it can make the bass sound the subwoofer makes to seem even deeper.

Should You Buy VM Audio Encore for Your Car?

Same as Power Acoustik MOFO-154X, this 15 inch subwoofer also belongs to the category of reasonably priced best 15 inch subwoofers. With the price being under two hundred dollars, this subwoofer can be considered cheap, especially knowing how many good features it has. If you are a true audiophile, you will fall in love with the sound quality made by this device. Furthermore, if you are planning to use it to compete with fellow car enthusiasts, VM Audio Encore can help you win an award.


3. Pyle PLPW15D

This is not an ordinary 15in subwoofer. Instead, it is a set of four subs capable of handling the power of up to 8,000 watts. So, if you’re looking for a mighty subwoofer, Pyle PLPW15D should be your choice. On top of being powerful, this sub is also very reliable, same as every other device made by the New York-based manufacturer of audio equipment.

Each of the 4 subs looks pretty well. The subwoofers are very elegant and with its black design, they seem to fit any car. The only problem might be their size, but if you have plenty of spare room at the back of your ride, you should seriously consider buying Pyle PLPW15D. But, before you do it, make sure to check all the features of this 15 inch subwoofer.


Each of these subs can handle a maximum power of 2,000 watts, which means that the peak power handling of the set is 8,000 watts. The RMS of the subwoofers is 4,000, which is more than most of other 15 inch subwoofers. This is why many people decide to use Pyle PLPW15D as a competition sub.

Apart from impressive power handling, there are a few more reasons why Pyle PLPW15D deserves to be called the best 15 inch subwoofer on the market. The surround is made of specially treated foam, which means that not only will it make the device sound better, but will also prevent it from getting overheated.

The subwoofers feature baskets made of steel, which means that once you install them at the back of your vehicle, they are going to remain there. Furthermore, the subs are made of materials that are resistant to UV light and will not get broken if they fall out of the slots.

What About the Price?

Although it’s not the cheapest subwoofer on the market, Pyle PLPW15D is a set of four subs. This basically means that for a price of one, you will get four super-quality of the best 15 inch subwoofers, capable of creating a breath-taking sound. Speaking of the sound, you can make change it a bit by getting a box, if the room in your car allows you. Even when played open-air, the subs are guaranteed to create an impressive bass.


4. Audiopipe TXXBD315

Audiopipe is a manufacturer of audio systems for cars, which is looking to establish itself as one of the best in the world. It seems they’re on a good road, especially if we take a look at one of their best 15 inch subwoofers, Audiopipe TXXBD315. This model has everything every true audiophile can wish for. It’s loud and powerful, but also extremely reliable and durable. On top of everything, Audiopipe TXXBD315 is also a fairly affordable subwoofer.

The first thing that makes an impression is its design. This model of 15 inch subwoofers really looks amazing and would probably look well in any type of car interior. The only problem might be its size, but if you have plenty of room in your vehicle, you should seriously consider making Audiopipe TXXBD315 a part of your sound system.


The device has a maximum power handling of 2400 watts, while the RMS is 1,200 watts. This amount of power is not a common thing among subwoofers. In fact, you can get a better power handling only with sets of subwoofers, not with a single device.

But, Audiopipe TXXBD315 is not only a powerful 15 inch subwoofer. It’s also great in producing high quality sound. It owes its quality to the design and the materials used for its construction. For example, the subwoofer is made in a way so that there will not problems with overheating. The quality of sound will remain the same, no matter how long you play it without pauses.

Apart from being resilient to the damages caused by the device itself, the subwoofer is also very tough. The direct sunlight will not harm it, nor will the sub get damaged if it accidentally falls out from its place at the truck of your car. But, in order to ensure that something like that never happens, Audiopipe used a special mounting technology. It makes it easy to install and will keep the device in place.

Should You Buy Audiopipe TXXBD315?

If you are looking to add more power to your sound system, you have several choices before you. For example, you can buy 2 15 inch subs that would deal with power of up to 2,400 watts. If you don’t have enough space to put 2 15 inch subs or even four, you need to look for an alternative. The best alternative in this case is without any doubt, Audiopipe TXXBD315.



If you haven’t heard about this company, it’s because STILLWATER DESIGNS is owned by Kicker, one of the most renowned manufacturers of audio systems for cars. This means that you can be certain there’s absolutely no compromise with the quality when it comes to their devices. The model is one of the best 15 inch subwoofers you can find.

First of all, the 15 subwoofer looks amazing. With its black design and company’s logo in the center, the subwoofer seems ideal for almost any car design. It’s elegant, so that you don’t even need a 15 subwoofer box for it. Furthermore, when played open-air, the device is bound to create amazing noise. If all of this wasn’t enough to persuade you into buying STILLWATER DESIGNS 11S15L72 subwoofer, you better inspect its specs more closely.


The peak power handling of this 15 inch subwoofer is 2,000 watts, while the RMS is two times less. This makes it one of the most powerful 15 inch subwoofers on the market today. But, apart from the amazing power handling, the device is great also for a number of other features. For example, the cone of the subwoofer is impregnated with titanium, one of the most resilient materials on the planet.

In fact, the whole device is made of highly-resilient materials. When it comes to other subwoofers, there is always the fear that they might get overheated, but something like that cannot happen with STILLWATER DESIGNS 11S15L72. Even if you play it at maximum for a long period of time, you don’t have to worry that the sound quality will drop.

Apart from being able to create amazing sound, this 15inch subwoofer also looks very good. On top of that, it is easy to mount it at the back of your car. Special technology is used for this purpose, which is going to make it stay in its place even if you drive your car over a bumpy road. This is one of the best 15 inch subwoofers on the market.

What About the Price of this 15 Inch Subwoofer?

STILLWATER DESIGNS 11S15L72 is the most expensive subwoofer on this list, but its price is justified. Those who care about the sound of quality will not regret spending a bit more on such a great device. On top of that, the subwoofer is going to serve you well for years, meaning that buying it is actually a long-term investment.

Final Note

If your car has enough room so that you can place a large subwoofer, why not doing that? There are many advantages of getting the best 15 inch subwoofers. First of all, it will look much better than a small audio device. Not only will it fill up the empty area at the back, it will also provide you with a more impressive sound. Okay, it’s true that smaller subs can create the same quality of sound, or even better, as a matter of fact. But, such devices cost quite a lot. This brings us to the second reason – cost.

If you are looking to buy a quality subwoofer, capable of handling a lot of watts, you will need to go with a sub with a larger diameter. A smaller subwoofer with the same features is bound to cost much more. Speaking of the price, we paid attention to include in our list only the subs that don’t cost too much. In fact, all of the best 15 inch subwoofers mentioned above fit in the reasonably priced subs category.