Top 5 DJ Speakers

With summer on its way, we can only think of those relaxing parties that everyone likes to organize or attend during the sunny season. Whether you are the kind of person that likes to be an occasional DJ or actually do this for a living, you need to become familiar with your options in terms of professional equipment that you can use. When it comes to music and the perfect party mood, it is essential for you to have the best DJ speakers that ensure high-quality surround sound and a nice coverage according to the space where you plan on organizing your next parties.

One piece of gear that will give you all the flexibility and freedom you need to make yourself heard through music are professional speakers. The wide variety of options at your disposal might make ita challenge for you to decide upon the perfect product to choose. However, if you know what you want from a product and how to discover what it can do through its features, you will be able to make the perfect choice. Moreover, we will reveal the top five speakers for you today and make your whole research plan easier to follow.

Best DJ Speakers in 2019

1. Rockville RPG10 Powered Speakers

Rockville RPG20 powered speakers are compact and at the same time light enough to allow easy installation and use in any chosen space. The system delivers distortion free sound even in the case of extreme SPL. It has the capacity to offer high power and delivers transparent sonic performance. Its switch-mode type of internal power supply enables a low distortion audio capacity with better response.

This is a 10 inches active DJ speaker system powered by 600 watts. It features 150 watt-RMS and a 300 watts’ program power. In terms of peak capacity, the one featured by this system is 600 watts. The system includes a 2 inches’ voice coil made of aluminum that provides extraordinary bass power and sound as well as the necessary acoustic power needed in the case of such events.

Moreover, these are among the best speakers available on the market right now. They offer a frequency response of 45Hz – 2 KHz. Live sound and the best playback applications are enabled through the use of this system. Its built-in bass as well as the equalization processor it features enables perfect system control while also offering protection for the speakers. The system comes equipped with a pure titanium diaphragm type of compression driver that enables crystal clear reproduction of high frequencies.

Finally, Rockville RPG20 is among the best speaker you can find at the moment and use at an amateur or professional level. It features ultra-wide dispersion and an ergonomically shaped handle that allows you to carry the system easily and set it up wherever you need to use it.


2. Rockville RPG15 2-Way DJ/PA Powered Speakers

Rockville RPG15 2-Way DJ/PA Powered Speakers represent the perfect package for a professional DJ as well as someone simply interested in having some fun with nice sounds and good music from time to time. The package includes a 2-way powered system with speakers that feature a 3 inches’ woofer and a 3 inches’ voice coil. Also, in the package you will receive the adjustable pro speaker stands that you can use. Everything from the cables to the carrying case will come in the box.

Rockville RPG15 is an active powered speaker system that is lightweight and compact thus you can benefit from distortion free sound when using it. Its main advantages are the high-power capacity and its transparent sonic type of performance. These best DJ speakers work based on the Linear Clas AM amplifier technology and manage to deliver amazing sounds every time and in any space. Its dispersion is ultrawide and you will immediately notice the large-format horizontal wave guide horn that comes directly molded into its cabinet.

The design of these best powered speakers is attractive, featuring a versatile trapezoidal enclosure that allows you to consider different positioning for the system. It features an adjustable height, a steel type of construction and it is black. It looks great, it functions perfectly and delivers high power and performance.


3. Belva BDRS-12BLU Active Pro/DJ Speakers

Here comes the third product on our list that you can purchase and use these days. Get ready to see a nice finish and be amazed of the level of performance featured by modern DJ speakers. Belva BDRS-12BLU Active Pro/DJ Speakers come with integrated Bluetooth USB technology as well as an SD MP3 Player capacity. This is a 2-way system of professional powered speakers that feature 80 watts of maximum power.

The system includes mic inputs as well as the MP3 playback technology. Its peak value is 800 watts. The RMS in the case of this system is 200 watts. It includes a Class D type of lightweight amplifier as well as a 12a low-frequency woofer. The item weight is 32.5 pounds and the product dimensions are 25 x 21.3 x 14.4 inches. In terms of style, you will notice a 12 inches PA system with Bluetooth connectivity that will attract your attention through its nice finish and amazing performance.

Belva BDRS-12BLU Active Pro/DJ Speakers work based on high and low EQ controls and other key features that offer the system sufficient power to deliver outstanding quality in terms of sound. No distortion will interfere with your music sounds when you are the DJ at home, at a party or in a club.


4. Rockville RPG12 Professional Powered Speakers

Here comes the fourth recommendation of the day in the category of best powered speakers: Rockville RPG12. The system includes 2 powered speakers with a 12-inch woofer and a nice 2.5 inch’professional voice coil. In the package, you will also receive a set of useful, adjustable speaker stands, the necessary plugging cable and the carrying case.

What does this system have to offer in terms of features? A high-power 12 inches’ woofer that features an aluminum voice coil that allows the system to deliver deep acoustic and bass power. Its frequency response is 40 Hz – 20 KHz. The system allows live sound and playback applications. It is compact and light weight thus manages to deliver perfect distortion free sound even when there is extreme SPL.

This system of powered speakers comes with adjustable height features and a steel construction. It is all black which makes it look good at any party and in any space. Its weight capacity is 100 LBS and the adjustable height range is from 47.25 to 78.75 inches. The base spread features 15-4 inches and the tube diameter in its case is 1.5 – 1.37 inch. The leg diameter is 1.37 inches.

In this package of professional powered speakers, you will also get an ultra-low noise mic, a XLR line input and ¼ inches stereo jacks that will allow you to control the system volume. The XLR input as well as the RCA one feature separate gain adjustment. You get additional balanced through the line output and this way you get to link any additional speakers you want easily.

All in all, this system has a lot to offer in terms of key features that allow users to benefit from high-quality sound, the right bass and acoustic power as well as versatility and flexibility.


5. Pyle 15in Powered DJ Speaker Bundle with FM Radio

Last on our list of recommendations today but not the least important product from this category is the Pyle 15in Powered DJ Speaker Bundle with FM Radio. What do you get from this system? A rugged and portable set of powerful DJ speakers that will turn you into everyone’s favorite DJ at any party. The system features a Bluetooth Wireless Music Stream Ability that makes it reach a top place in the category of powerful speakers available right now.

This speaker system works great with various devices such as laptops, tablets, smartphones, MP3 players and others. Within the package, you will also get an attractive speaker stands and a wired microphone. Its maximum power is 1500 watt, more than enough to cover any great party needs in terms of sound. It features a full range of stereo sound as well as an impressive bass output. It includes 15 inches’ subwoofers and a 1-inch tweeter digital amplifier that is built-in.

This Powered DJ Speaker Bundle with FM Radio from Pyle includes a digital LCD display as well as a mountable stand of 35 mm. Its power is of 110 / 220 V and its size measurements are: 13.8 inches’ length, 17 inches’ weight and 27 inches’ height. All in all, it has everything it needs in terms of features to become your next favorite system of best powered speakers.



The market is filled with professional products, systems and attractive offers for users interested in taking advantage of the best speaker system. We have chosen these five products as the best DJ speakers according to their features: good size, attractive design, sufficient power for flawless sound performance, interesting features and accessories.

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