Top 5 Component Speakers

We all know that old and modern cars do not always come with the best speakers. Therefore, we often find ourselves looking for new ones to replace those that came with the car and which might no longer meet our requirements. because they manage to deliver high-quality sound, component speakers are the products that most users prefer these days. Most of these professional products now include a mid-bass driver, a professional pair of high-quality tweeters and the best crossovers.

However, with the wide range of options at your disposal, how could you know which are the best component speakers to choose according to your needs and requirements? The main feature to look for in such a system is the delivery of clear music without any kind of distortion. When this comes from a set of component speakers that feature an attractive design and offer long-term durability, you have found your match. We have also made our research today and we will reveal to you our list of top 5 best component speakers for you to analyze and see why these might be a perfect match for what you are looking for.

1. ESK 165.5 Hertz Component Speaker System

We will start our list of recommendations today with a peak 2-way component speaker system from ESK. Its peak value is 300 watts, its RMS capacity is 100 watts and its impedance is 5 ohm. These component speakers feature a water-repellent pressed paper cone as well as a special rubber surround. The system also comes equipped with a pure copper voice coil and a rubber magnet cover. The item weight is 6.7 pounds and the product dimensions are 18.8 x 8.5 x 5.2 inches.

The ESK system of component speakers includes an ET Neodymium Tweeter that is 26 mm in size. It also comes equipped with a special CX Crossover at 3kHz. It enables the best off-axis type of response through its V-cone technology. Also, the mid-high frequency detail is perfect in its case due to the way in which this system was developed.

The special paper cone that was specifically treated for water-repellent features gives it extra practicality and durability. In addition, the butyl rubber surround ensures high-quality frequency of sounds in various circumstances. The mounting depth of this system is 2.56 inches. These component speakers sound amazing and are paired with the best coaxial speakers and audio system. Everything is perfectly powered by the amazing channel amplifier that makes them number one on the list of best 5 component speakers available for purchase right now.


2. XXX6.5 C – RE Audio Series of Car Component Speakers

Our list of professional recommendations today continues with another great system of component speakers that deliver perfect quality in terms of sound. We are referring to XXX6.5 C – RE audio series of car component speakers that deliver amazing performance through their professional bass driver and tweeters. The system also features a powerful, special Neodymium magnet on both system elements involved in perfect sound delivery.

The top mount depth of this overall audio system is 3-7/8 inches. The diameter of the woofer mounting is 5-7/8 inches. The diameter of the tweeter mounting is 2-1/8 inches. The overall product dimensions are 17.6 x 13.6 x 5.9 inches. If you want the best sounding component system for your car, this might be it! With the included speakers, you will be able to get as much power as you want out of your 4-channel amp used to power these.

An amazing 15 watts RMS is handled by these component speakers. There are not too many brandsthat have managed to create such powerful speakers until now. Also, the best components have been used for their creation and this makes them capable of winning against any competition. Their neo motor is really powerful. Moreover, Neodymium is a light-weight material that remains really strong thus can withstand the highest levels of heat in your car. Although the material is more expensive than others, the manufacturer has chosen it to create a special product that will deliver outstanding performance for its users.


3. Hertz HSK 165 Hi-Energy Component Speaker System

The third amazing product on our list of top 5 best component speakers today is Hertz HSK 165, a powerful system that delivers outstanding quality and performance every time. This is a 250 -watts peak 2-way component speaker system with great power handling options: 125 w RMS and 250 W Peak. It features a special Neodymium REN Tweeter of 25 mm size. It also come equipped with a professional woofer DIN of 165 mm size. The crossover in its case is 3.2 kHz at 12/12 db Oct.

The overall item weight is 9.3 pounds. The product dimensions are 6.8 x 9 x 19.7 inches. This amazing system of component speakers was created in Spain and has rapidly become highly popular this year due to its wide range of advantageous features for users. You will be able to take advantage of fast shipping and good communication with the support team so that you might be able to make the best choice in terms of component speakers that match your requirements.

Completeness and versatility are the main features that recommend this professional system of component speakers. The latest technology was used to ensure perfect performance and an ultimate sound experience for its users. The best tweeter and woofers make this system one of the best ones that has ever been created with the purpose of being used in different cars. These special elements combine perfectly with the special innovative crossover that helps enhance its overall performance.


4. Alpine Pair of Professional Component Speakers

Fourth on our list of professional recommendations in the category of best component speakers comes a product from Alpine that has attracted everyone’s attention. This Alpine pair of 6.5 inches component speakers comes equipped with the latest components that ensure the highest levels of performance in terms of surround sounds.

The system features a professional pair of car audio coaxial speakers that follow the 2-way pattern that has proven to be widely effectivefor such products. In terms of peak values, these products ensure 600 watts per set which means 330 watts per each side. As far as the RMS capacity is concerned, the values it reaches are 22 watts per set which means 110 watts per each side. The item’s weight is 20 pounds and you will get full support from the manufacturer’ team to ensure the perfect selection of products to match your requirements.

Moreover, the aluminum dome tweeter it includes ensures enhanced performance. Its impedance is at the highest levels and its sensitivity values ensure proper use over time. It features a mounting depth of 2 inches that makes it practical to use. All in all, this new set of professional component speakers from Alpine has already proven its efficiency for users who have declared themselves more than pleased with its quality, design, performance and overall practicality.


5. Focal Access 165 A3 Component Speaker Kit

We will end our list of amazing discoveries in the category of the best component speakers with a Focal Access Kit that has a lot to offer in terms of design, quality and performance. This set features a 6.5 inches’ size and includes a three-way pattern of components such as professional tweeters, woofer and midrange drivers or separate crossover. The maximum power handled by this kit is 160 watts with a 4-ohm impedance level.

Moreover, the system comes equipped with a woven glass fiber cone on its woofers and midrange driver. In addition, the whole design is nicely complimented by a butyl rubber surround. Therefore, this component speaker kit does not only look amazing but also manages to deliver excellent performance in terms of surround sounds.

Additionally, this kit of professional component speakers includes aluminum inverted dome tweeters that ensure an accurate image as well as a wide soundstage experience. The featured crossovers are 12 / 12db/ octave with up to three levels of tweeter control for an enhanced experience.

Finally, the item weight in this case is 12.2 pounds and the product dimensions are 22.8 x 3.9 x 142 inches. It is a product you can rely on with confidence if what you are interested in is a set of professional component speakers that never fail to deliver that high-quality and outstanding performance you want.



All in all, it is really challenging to choose only five best component speakers from the wide range of products at your disposal these days. What helped us make the right selection are the essential features that help range these products from standard to high-levels of quality. We have focused on their overall design, the practicality enabled by them, their essential features that influence their performance and the overall utility of these products. We recommend these 5 best component speakers for users looking for a professional set of speakers that will meet all their needs and requirements in terms of design, quality of components and overall performance.