Best Bookshelf Speakers

Nowadays, technology is different from what we could notice in the past due to the wide range of advancements that have been made in different areas. In the past, Wi-Fi systems used to be fully integrated and even matched our furniture. Ever since they were first created, bookshelf speakers have managed to become an important part of the life of worldwide users interested in perfect performance and practicality features. Either in small sizes or in the size of complete house walls, bookshelf speakers have managed to become the beating heart of the best parties.

The main goal for users is that of using items that offer the perfect balance between size and audio quality. Also, most users look for new models of bookshelf speakers every day within the wide variety of professional products made available to them. Therefore, today, we will reveal the top 5 best bookshelf speakers for you to consider purchasing and using right now.

1. Fluance Signature Series HiFi Bookshelf Surround Speakers

Number one on our list of top 5 best bookshelf speakers today comes a product from the range of surround sound speakers for music systems and home theaters. It features perfect precision and offers sonic accuracy for users interested in premium products. Its high-quality components ensure the best range of fidelity sound that can deliver a great concert right into your living room.

Fluance Signature Series come with ultra-high-end Neodymium type of tweeters that can produce the highest frequencies without lacking clarity and the best quality in terms of surround sounds. It features a midrange pointed dome that allows the direct transfer of sound wave from the center of the fiber cone. Therefore, these bookshelf speakers manage to ensure enhanced soundstage for that perfect party mood you are interested in every time.

Moreover, this product is acoustically inert and features precision crafted cabinets that help create a distortion free type of sound. The focus of the manufacturer in their case is definitely sound excellence. These top bookshelf speakers can be considered a real powerhouse in the field of home audio. Meticulous engineering was considered for their creation. Sound excellence is the main advantage offered to users through this professional range of bookshelf speakers from the Fluance Signature Series.

Complex measurements, proper testing and innovation have led to the development of the finest audio details in the case of such bookshelf speakers that manage to deliver crystal clear accuracy. The surround sound enabled by this product is authentic and truly convincing. You will hear the clear, loud sound throughout your entire room. Finally, you can place these behind or beside the listener, feature that enables them to reflect sound for the best multi-directional type of home theater performance.


2. Edifier R1700BT Powered Bluetooth Bookshelf Speakers

Next on our list of the best bookshelf speakers that deliver outstanding sound performance comes a product from Edifier, namely the R1700BT Bluetooth speakers. These feature a 2.0 setup wooden enclosure and function based on Bluetooth connection. You can pair these with a wide range of devices such as your computer, tablet or phone to ensure a great wireless experience. These are the perfect match for various operating systems such as IOS, MacOS, Windows and Android.

Edifier R1700BT bookshelf speakers allow a convenient connection to numerous devices that feature a 3.5 mm headphone output or a dual RCA one. You can connect two devices at the same time without any plugging or switching techniques being required from you. Moreover, you can control the system easily using the remote control it comes equipped with. You can rapidly switch input sources, make sure the volume is always perfect and mute or unmute the device easily just by using your finger tips.

The system created by Edifier comes with a classic wooden finish. Its walnut wood effect comes as a perfect match to any indoor home décor. The latest technology in terms of high-quality, well-performing surround sound and the classic cabinets have turned this product into one of the best 5 bookshelf speakers this year. These are versatile speakers that can be plugged into your gaming console, your laptop or phone for outstanding sound performance. The 4-inch bass driver it features helps create rich low sounds and allows low frequencies that are easily emphasized thus offering its bass more power.

All in all, you can now totally rely on these professional bookshelf speakers with built-in tone control, Bluetooth connectivity and professional back panel and accessories.


3. Klipsch R-14M Reference Bookshelf Speakers

The list of professional bookshelf speakers for worldwide users continues today with Klipsch R-14M, a pair of black products that ensure perfect sound performance in any room. These are capable of fitting both a small and a medium type of room and will always deliver high-performance sound experiences no matter where you choose to install them.

The system features a 1-inch aluminum Linear Travel Suspension tweeter that is horn-loaded. Moreover, it comes equipped with a copper spun IMG woofer that features a 4-inch size. The black veneer cabinet gives it a special finish that attracts attention. If you wish to get perfect versatility and power in a single product, then Klipsch R-14M is the right reference bookshelf speaker system for you.

The system manages to perform perfectly in terms of left, right, center and surround sound experiences. This means that you can totally own an entire room in terms of high-quality sounds without needing too much space for installing this amazing system. The 90×90 Tractrix Horn technology ensures the most amazing high end sound response as well as a great extension. This brings powerful dynamics your way as well as enhanced imaging features.

Furthermore, with Klipsch R-14M bookshelf speakers you can now rely on the linear travel suspension tweeter technology that minimizes distortion and ensures detailed performance. In addition, the copper Molded Graphite woofer offers the most impressive low frequency response with minimal distortion and cone breakup.

Finally, the rear-firing port it comes equipped with allows this bookshelf speaker system to perfectly match the drivers and the cabinet. You get an attractive finish, perfect sound quality and powerful performance every time you use these professional bookshelf speakers from Klipsch.


4. Sound Appeal Bookshelf Speakers

Next on our list of recommendations today comes a product that features appealing performance and a beauty finish: Sound Appeal Bookshelf Speakers. This product does not only attract attention through its exterior beauty but also though the stunning performance it manages to deliver every time.

Your attention will be immediately drawn towards the fine details on its wood grain cabinet that features nice rounded edges. These flow majestically into a very stylish overall look with molded grille fabrics. This choice of materials offers the product a plus of elegance in terms of design as well as an enhanced performance.

You will be able to enjoy a deep bass experience with these bookshelf speakers due to its slotted port tube that has been perfectly tuned to achieve this goal. The power handling in the case of this product is 80 watts RMS per channel. Its nominal impedance is 8 Ohms and its sensitivity levels are 90 Db – 1 watt – 1 meter. It features a 1-inch silk dome tweeter and a custom tuned port. The frequency response in its case is 45 Hz to 20 Khz. The weight of the system is 12 pounds and the size is: 12 inches’ height, 7.5 inches weight a .5 inches’ depth.

Furthermore, premium quality components have been considered for the crossover to ensure great performance and an intelligent design as well as the right sound appeal. Stiffness and proper density is ensured through the MDF walls of the system cabinet. The acoustical properties enabled by this ensemble is excellent.

Proper distinction, attractive elegance and top performance are the main features that make this system one of the best examples of professional bookshelf speakers you can totally rely on this year.


5. Cerwin Vega SL5M Bookshelf Speakers

The last but not least deserving product on our list of 5 best bookshelf speakers in 2017 is Cerwin Vega SL5M. This product features a 2-way system design and delivers perfect clarity in terms of surround sound. The system comes equipped with a 1-inch soft dome tweeter that enables crisp highs. Moreover, the bass reflex cabinet used for its design allows extended low sounds.

Everything you wish for in terms of performance that comes from a compact design is enabled in the case of this amazing professional product from the category of high-performance bookshelf speakers. The true Cerwin Vega performance comes from a relatively small and compact package. Numerous audio applications are enabled through the versatile bookshelf style speakers created by this manufacturer.

You can enjoy the high-quality sounds coming from a stereo pair of bookshelf speakers, from home theater speakers or rear speakers just by choosing this amazing professional audio system. The black, bass reflex type of cabinet used for these speakers gives the whole system a nice, elegant finish and an attractive sound appeal.

You can now enjoy listening to your favorite tunes, watch the game of the year or enjoy the best movie ever with the help of these amazing bookshelf speakers. Legendary power and excellent sound quality is what you will get from Cerwin Vega SL5M speakers.



The range of options in terms of the best bookshelf speakers at your disposal these days is endless. We have chosen the best 5 products from this category following important criteria such as design, quality, performance, ease of installation and durability. These five brands we have chosen today have already made a name for themselves on the market and have managed to deliver outstanding performance to worldwide users through professional products. If you are looking for a pair of professional bookshelf speakers that look great, deliver outstanding performance and are compatible with a wide range of modern devices, these top choices will attract your attention.