Best Water Speakers Reviewed

Possibly not the best in terms of sound, watercolor speakers can deliver quite a spectacle. Most importantly, they have the potential to make an otherwise empty room shine, both literally and figuratively.

But which water fountain speaker to choose? There are so many options on the market, after all.

Well, let us introduce you to what we think are the best bluetooth water speakers out there.

Top 10 Water Speakers Review

1. SoundSOUL Water Dancing Speakers

If you are looking for relatively inexpensive dancing water speakers, then SoundSOUL’s speakers may be the right option for you.

To deliver a spectacular color show, the SoundSOUL speakers feature 4 built-in color LED lights. And like it is with such speakers, the louder the music volume is, the higher the fountains go.

Speaking of volume, the speakers aren’t too powerful – 3 watts a piece – but they deliver enough volume in order to make the water to dance. But to actually enjoy the spectacle of these speakers, you’d need to increase the volume quite a bit with these speakers. So yeah, no show at night with these speakers, as with basically any other speaker on our list.

These SoundSOUL speakers rely on the good old 3.5mm AUX port to connect audio sources. Any device that has a 3.5mm sound port – be it a smartphone, laptop, or a PC – is going to work with these watercolor speakers. And yeah, these speakers are plug-and-play, so you won’t have to deal with any complex setup in order to get them to work.

One thing that you may also care about is that there are 4 color options available for these speakers. And since the cool factor is an integral part of water fountain speakers, you should go for a color that you like the most.

  • 4 color options
  • Colorful thanks to the built-in 4 LED lights
  • No bluetooth connectivity.


2. SoundSOUL Bluetooth Water Dancing Speakers

These SoundSOUL speakers are basically the exact same speakers we’ve just reviewed, but there are some features that make them completely different.

Most importantly, these speakers have an inbuilt battery, so they can be used anywhere as long as they have charge. And with the 1800mAh battery, they can run for quite some time. SoundSOUL claims that they deliver up to 4 hours of music playback, which is pretty believable.

The second important difference in these SoundSOUL speakers is that they have wireless connectivity. You should be able to pair any Bluetooth 4.0 device with these speakers. So if you don’t wish to deal with any cables, you’ll like these SoundSOUL speakers more than the previous model.

You still have the option of using the 3.5mm connector plug, by the way. And thanks to this, these SoundSOUL speakers are more versatile than their corded analog.

And the last noticeable difference between the corded and wireless SoundSOUL speakers is that these speakers have a 4-button control panel. You could thus change some of the playback settings without reaching for your phone or laptop.

Other than those two things, the two SoundSOUL speakers are identical. Namely, these speakers are again rated 3 watts per piece, as well as have the same 4 LED lights for the show.

  • Battery-operated
  • Supports bluetooth devices
  • 4 inbuilt LED lights
  • 4 color variants
  • Sound getting worse as volume increases.


3. e-joy Black Water Dancing Speaker

The e-joy Black Water dancing speakers look awfully similar to the wired SoundSOUL speakers we’ve reviewed at the beginning. Chances are that this is just a rebranded variant of the SoundSOUL speakers, or the other way around. This isn’t actually bad: you’ll have more buying options when choosing a speaker.

In spite of this model‘s similarity (or should we say identity?) to the SoundSOUL speakers, there is one more thing that we can say about these speakers.

e-joy actually indicates what the frequency response of these speakers is, unlike SoundSOUL. And if you didn’t know, the frequency response is a very important thing in speakers.

The frequency response range in these speakers is 90-18,000 Hz, according to their product description. This is reasonably good for 3W speakers, albeit they won’t be too good in the lower frequencies. In terms of overall sound quality, the e-joy speakers should be identical or at least very close to the SoundSOUL speakers.

The color fountain part in these speakers seems to be identical to that of the SoundSOUL speakers – the e-joy speakers again have 4 multi-color LED lights in them. The connectivity is also similar – these speakers can be connected with devices that have a 3.5mm connector in them. Finally, there is no Bluetooth in these speakers, like it was in the first SoundSOUL speaker system.

  • Many color options
  • Has 4 multi-colored LEDs
  • USB powered
  • Does not have wireless connectivity
  • Short cables.


4. NAXA Electronics NHS-2009 Dancing Water Tower Speaker

The NHS-2009 speaker system by NAXA differs from the previous three quite a bit. And this applies not so much to the design as much as to the overall functionality.

The feature of this speaker that the previous three speakers lacked is the inbuilt FM radio tuner. Thanks to it, you don’t need to plug the speakers to any device in order to listen to music. If you frequently listen to music over the radio, you may like this feature.

There is one downside to the FM radio functionality in this speaker though: it doesn’t save the last selected FM station. So when turning the speaker back on, you’ll need to again select the desired FM radio station.

When it comes to connectivity, the NHS-2009 speaker supports wireless, so it may be paired with any Bluetooth-enabled device. In addition, it supports the 3.5mm AUX connection, so it may be used with devices that don’t have Bluetooth but have a 3.5mm port.

In terms of sound quality, the NHS-2009 speaker definitely has a louder sound than the previous speakers. It is a 6W speaker after all. And by the way, unlike most other speaker systems on our list, the NHS-2009 is comprised of just one speaker, so keep that in mind.

  • Inbuilt FM radio tuner
  • Remote control included
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Delivers quite a loud sound
  • No user manual
  • Doesn’t save the last selected FM station.


5. Dragonpad Black Dancing Water Speaker

This watercolor speaker model by Dragonpad is based on the SoundSOUL speakers we reviewed at the very beginning. The Dragonpad speakers may again be rebranded SoundSOUL speakers.

As we usually advise in such cases, you could choose one or the other speaker model based on its availability and price. The price fluctuates sometimes, so you should take benefit of it.

In spite of the similarity between these and SoundSOUL speakers, there may be some differences between them. For example, the seller writes in the product description that the speakers are rated 5W, so expect them to be a tad quieter than the SoundSOUL speakers. The overall sound quality, however, should be similar.

In terms of the color show, Dragonpad speakers appear to have the same multi-color LED lights that the SoundSOUL speakers had. With enough music volume, you’ll see some colorful water fountains dancing around in the light.

When it comes to connectivity, Dragonpad speakers are connected to audio sources like smartphones or PCs via its input 3.5mm jack. These speakers don’t support Bluetooth, so they can’t be connected to your laptop or smartphone wirelessly.

Before getting these speakers, you should know that it has had some leaking issues in the past, possibly due to improper shipping. A noticeable number of users have complained about this. But hopefully, the seller has resolved these issues so you could get the speakers and enjoy them with no leaks or other problems.

  • Multi-color LED lights
  • Possible issues with leaking
  • No bluetooth.


6. Polaroid Wireless Dancing Water Speakers

If you’d like to use your watercolor speakers anywhere, then the Polaroid speaker system may be a good option for you. These speakers are more or less similar to the wireless SoundSOUL speakers we reviewed before, but there are some differences between them.

Mainly, the design of the Polaroid speakers is sleeker and more rounded. While the rectangular-shape SoundSOUL speakers looked good already, some people may like the design of these speakers more.

In terms of connectivity, the Polaroid speakers are quite versatile. They support Bluetooth, so you should be able to pair them with any Bluetooth-enabled device. In addition, you may use the included AUX cable to connect the speakers to an audio source via its 3.5mm port.

The Polaroid water speakers are also battery-operated, so you could use them anywhere as long as the batteries have charge.

One downside we’d like to mention is that there is not much info provided by the seller for the buyers in the product description. This is more a downside for the seller rather than for the speakers, but it should be mentioned nonetheless.

  • Inbuilt multi-color LED lights
  • Portable
  • Water doesn’t seem to bounce unless the volume is high.


7. Cra-Z-Art Dancing Water Speakers

The SoundSOUL speaker design is a pretty popular one, right? Well, we can’t fault the sellers for reusing it since it looks pretty good, especially with all those colorful fountains dancing inside.

The Cra-Z-Art dancing water speakers are somewhat like the Bluetooth SoundSOUL speakers, but there are a couple of differences between them.

First off, the Cra-Z-Art watercolor speakers are USB-powered, and they seem not to be wireless. So if you are looking for speakers that could be used anywhere, this model may not be the right choice.

A more minor difference between these and the SoundSOUL speakers is that these speakers don’t have the control panel on the bottom of one speaker, so you’ll have to control the playback via your music device.

In terms of connectivity, the Cra-Z-Art speakers support Bluetooth, as well as have an AUX cord port. With these two connection options, you shouldn’t have problems with any audio source.

Overall, if you want to have Bluetooth connectivity but don’t really need wireless operation, then the Cra-Z-Art speakers may be good for you.

  • Can be connected to an audio source via bluetooth
  • The multi-color LED lights can deliver some spectacular show
  • Issues with sound as some static can be heard.


8. BeFree Sound BFS-33X Water Bluetooth System

If you are ready to pay the money for good sound quality, then the BFS-33X speaker system by BeFree may be the right option for you.

The main feature of this water speaker system is that it comes with a separate subwoofer, which basically makes the BFS-33X a full-size 2.1-channel speaker system. In terms of bass and overall sound quality, this speaker system is going to be much better than the others.

The dancing fountain part in this system somewhat resembles that in the SoundSOUL speakers and all other models based on them. And since all the parts of the system have multi-color lights in them – even the subwoofer – the BFS-33X system delivers quite a spectacle.

The connectivity options in the BFS-33X speaker system are also good – it supports Bluetooth and AUX-in connections. At the same time, you are not limited to controlling the playback via your music device since the subwoofer has a small control panel on it.

Everything has its price, and you’ll need to have the budget to afford the BFS-33X system. It isn’t too expensive, but it is pricey when compared to all other speakers on our list.

  • Comes with a subwoofer
  • Pretty nice sound overall
  • Connects to audio sources via bluetooth and AUX
  • Short cable
  • Volume must be high for good light show.


9. Aolyty Dancing Water Fountain Speaker

This speaker is basically identical to the corded and non-Bluetooth SoundSOUL speaker system we reviewed at the very beginning. Again, you’d need to choose one of the speaker systems based on their price and availability.

Like the first SoundSOUL speakers, the Aolyty speakers only support AUX-in connections, which may be a downside for some people out there.  Likewise, these speakers aren’t wireless, so you won’t be able to use them everywhere.

The water show again is similar in these speakers – it is delivered by the 4 LED lights when the volume is set higher. In addition, Aolyty offers 4 color options for these watercolor speakers, so you should be able to match them with your interior.

All in all, like it is with non-Bluetooth corded speakers, the Aolyty speakers are good for people who’ll be primarily listening to music via their PC or laptop.

  • Low price
  • 4 color options
  • Have multi-color LED lights
  • Doesn’t support bluetooth.


10. Svance Portable Wireless Dancing Water Speaker

Closing off our review of best water speakers with Svance’s portable dancing water speaker system, which is a pretty interesting model. It doesn’t differ from other reviewed models too much in terms of sound quality, but it is better in terms of functionality.

The main difference in this system is that it has a Micro SD slot, a thing that none of the other speakers reviewed had. If you happen to have your entire library on a Micro SD card, then this feature may come in handy for you.

The design of the Svance speaker system is quite different as well. For some people, the sleeker look of this system may make it much more appealing for some people.

Like some other speakers on our list, the Svance speaker supports Bluetooth and AUX-in connections, so you should be able to listen to your music no matter what device they are stored in. In addition, you may pair a second Svance speaker with the one you are getting for a better light show and sound.

This speaker is also battery-operated, so you could use it anywhere as long as it has charge in it.

The Svance speaker does seem like a very interesting model, but it is a bit pricey. However, if you aren’t limited on your budget, then this may be the best water speaker for you.

  • Pairs with bluetooth devices
  • Has an inbuilt Micro SD card slot
  • Runs on a battery
  • A bit pricey.

Things to Look for in a Watercolor Speaker

There have been plenty of similarities between the dancing water speakers we reviewed, but there have also been a couple of features that set them apart. And if you are able to distinguish between different speakers and their features, you should be able to get the best system for your needs.

Now, let’s have a look at the features that matter the most in watercolor speakers.

Frequency Response

The frequency response range may matter to some people, most notably, to those who care about music quality more. Unfortunately, not all sellers indicate the frequency response range of their speakers. This isn’t too big of a problem since water fountain speakers are more about their looks rather than sound quality.

All in all, the frequency response indicates the range of frequencies covered by a speaker. Generally, the wider the range, the better a speaker will sound.

However, speakers represent frequencies differently – some are better in the higher and others in the lower frequencies. So based on your needs, you’d need to make an appropriate choice. For example, if you like bass, you’d need to go for a speaker that goes deeper into the lower frequencies.

But again, since watercolor speakers are more about their looks, you may ignore the frequency response range altogether. If you are serious about music, you probably should instead go for a better set of speakers or headphones.


Wattage, of course, indicates how much power a speaker system draws. Aside from that, wattage allows you to compare the volume level of different speakers. If you do want to get a loud-sounding speaker, get the system that has the highest power rating.

The water fountain effect is also going to be stronger in powerful, big water speakers because they are simply louder and produce more vibrations. And, if you didn’t know, it is the sound vibrations that produce the fountain effect in water dancing speakers.

Input Options

Input options most likely will be important to you in a dancing water speaker. This will depend on what connection method you prefer, as well as on what kind of equipment you have.

All the speakers on our list have an AUX-in port, so any device with a 3.5mm output is going to work with them. However, if you don’t want to deal with any cords and are more used to wireless connection, then you would want to look for Bluetooth water speakers.

Some water speakers – like the Svance speaker we examined in the end – also have a Micro SD slot. For some people, this option is going to be more convenient than either Bluetooth or AUX.

All in all, no matter what kind of input options you want to use, make sure that the watercolor speaker you are getting has them.

Power Source

How a watercolor speaker is powered is also going to be important to some music lovers.

The most basic choice is a corded speaker that needs to be connected to a power outlet or a computer USB port in order to run. These will work just as good as wireless speakers, but you won’t be able to use them everywhere.

Wireless water speakers are going to be better in terms of portability. Relying on an internal battery, such speakers may be used anywhere and everywhere. However, you’ll need to recharge them occasionally.

Again, whichever kind of water fountain speakers you choose, make sure that it satisfies your needs.


The cool factor plays a key role in water fountain speakers, so the overall design is going to be important in them.

There are plenty of factors that make the design of a speaker, including color, shape, LED lights, or whatnot. Which speaker design is good for you will be based on your subjective preferences, so the only thing we can advise you is to pick the speaker that you like the most. In addition, you may want to consider the design of the room you will be using the speaker in.


All in all, what matters in water speakers the most is how they look. Even though they are designed to play music, the sound quality isn’t the most important thing in them.

In the end, if you are sure that you need a water speaker in your room, then go for the one that you like the most, but don’t forget about your needs and also what kind of equipment you have.