We restored this page because a lof of visitors were still looking for the Quickstart. Nowadays DigiArch is focusing on electronics and digital product reviews.

Quick Start allows you to quickly find items in your Start Menu, Favorites, Recent Files, Desktop and History, that match a typed keyword. In addition, you can specify a custom directory, as well as file extensions to look for. Just type in the keyword and press enter to be presented with a list of items that match your entry – you can then select and launch the program, link or file by selecting it from the list.

Quick Start is Freeware with no ads, no nag screens and no limitations.


  • Launch applications, url’s, etc, by simply typing a keyword
  • Automatically load keywords from the Start Menu, Favorites, etc
  • Smart sort function that list recently used applications first
  • Support for Firefox bookmarks
  • Launch explorer by typing a directory or network path
  • Runs in the system tray
  • Define your own system hot-key
  • Define your own custom search directories for keywords
  • User defined ignore list for keywords
  • Provides useful memory information
  • Low physical memory warning
  • Many configurable options
  • Small memory foot print

Download quickstart