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Students and teachers often use projectors when presenting reports and teaching lessons. However, it can be hard to read a presentation if it is displayed in a brightly lit room. For outdoor projectors, I recommend you to see this list.

Some subpar projectors produce a weak beam of light and display blurry or grainy videos and pictures. There are some brands of projectors claiming that they can display full HD videos 1080p, but sometimes this claim is not entirely true. I have reviewed several brands of projectors and came up with the top five best projector under 500.

The projectors in my list all cost less than $500, but this does not mean that you have to sacrifice quality for affordability. If you are on a tight budget but you want to upgrade the quality of your presentations at school or in the office, this article will help you choose the right projector for you.

JVC Professional (LX-WX50)

First on my list of the best projector under 500 is the JVC Professional Series DLP Projector 3D Ready 500 lumens (LX-WX50). This projector is powered by DLP, or Digital Light Processing technology, which is much better than LCD (liquid crystal display). Unlike LCD that uses glass panels as the bridge of light, DLP has a chip which is made up of thousands of tiny mirrors. Thus, each mirror is equivalent to a single pixel, so imagine how many pixels it will accrue out of the thousand mirrors.

I chose the JVC Professional as one of the best projector under 500 because it has a high contrast ratio (4,000:1) with 5,000 ANSI lumens. After testing the projector, the images I displayed looked incredible thanks to its high contrast resolution. Which blocks the light from entering the screen, ensuring that any image looks more natural and crisp.

Product Features & Technical Details

  • 3D ready & high definition wide screen resolution (1280 x 800)
  • DLP Technology
  • Zoom ratio is 1.6 wide
  • It comes with vertical lens shift, with corner correction and keystone
  • Can perform 2 x HDMI, VGA. Also, component and VGA video input and output
  • Compatible with various LAN protocol (eControl. Creston, AMX, PJ Link, and RoomView)

During testing, the projector consistently produced high-quality pictures even in a larger scale or view. The brightness and appearance of the pictures and videos remain crisp and vivid, making the JVC Professional Series DLP Projector 3D Ready 500 lumens (LX-WX50) the perfect projector for watching a video or giving important presentations.

The only areas for improvement that I have noticed are the size, weight, and temperature of the projector. The size is bigger than a usual laptop (13.3 x 10.9 x 4.6 in) and it weighs heavier at 10.8 lbs. While the projector runs hot easily, its performance is still the same. This might bother some users, but overall it is one of the best projector under 500.


BenQ DLP HD 1080p Projector (TH670)

The BenQ TH670 is also powered by TH670 Digital Light Processing technology which gives an extreme contrast ratio and a high-resolution picture and video. I tried to use the BenQ TH670 projector directly on the wall, and the results were amazing. The quality of the image is still high, as if I was looking at the image on a big screen. This projector is also capable of producing better-looking images in wide screen.

As a best projector under 500, the BenQ TH670 is suitable for home use because it is equipped with SmartEco technology which helps you save more energy than a normal projector. The projector’s 1080p full HD will let you enjoy your favorite TV shows and movies in glorious full-screen!

Product Features & Technical Details

  • Colorific technology gives a life-like color
  • High contrast resolution ratio (10,000:1) with 3,000 ANSI lumens
  • Full HD and 3D support
  • USB port that supplies power for different devices/alternative charger
  • Smart Eco Technology to lessen energy consumption
  • 10W speaker built-in
  • Automatic Keystone correction

One interesting feature of BenQ TH670 is the automatic keystone correction that will make your life easier when setting the projector on any surface. While I was testing the projector, it automatically corrected the vertical trapezoidal on the image and turned it into a perfectly squared image. The 10-watt audio of the projector gives a powerful and superb sound that can fill even a large and wide room.

The BenQ TH670 did not require any additional external decoder when I tried to display subtitles while watching a movie or TV show. Lastly, the long lasting high-quality picture displays by BenQ MH741 is made possible because of innovative DLP technology.

However, one thing that the BenQ TH670 can improve on is the actual throw of the image on the wall because it does not deliver as promised. Other than that, it is a great purchase and a suitable projector for home use. The BenQ TH670 is perfect for gaming and viewing a video, making it another entry in my best projector under 500 list.


Optoma ML750 WXGA

This projector is well-suited for people on-the-go, especially if you do not want to carry a heavy projector in your bag. The Optoma ML70 made it to my best projector under 500 list because it only weighs less than a pound. It was also compact enough to fit in the palm my hand. This projector is very convenient to use and is easy to bring anywhere you want to go.

The Optoma ML750 WXGA 700 Lumen 3D Ready Portable DLP Led Projector is also a perfect choice for gamers. It can mirror the screen on your mobile phone, making game time more immersive. The Optoma ML750 also delivers bright images for on-the-go gamers, road warriors, and power users. With the Optoma ML70, you can have a great contrast ratio and power at the palm of your hand.

Product Features and Technical Details

  • High contrast resolution ratio (10,000:1) with 700 ANSI lumens
  • Throw distance is 1.8 – 10.6 feet
  • It can create a wide image from 17 inches to 100 inches
  • The lamp life hours is 20,000
  • Native resolution is 1280 x 800p which produces high quality image

I am mostly satisfied with the projector’s performance. Some great points of the Optoma ML70 are its portability. I found it easy to set-up the projector thanks to the remote control for keystone. In addition, the color produced by the mini projector ensures that it constantly displays quality images.

The only issue that I have experienced with the Optoma ML70 is a high-pitched sound which is usually heard in a quiet scene when playing a video. Nonetheless, the Optoma ML70 is another entry in my best projector under 500 list, and it is a great choice for users who travel a lot or those who enjoy gaming on a much bigger screen.


ViewSonic PJD6352 3500 Lumens XGA HDMI Projector

The ViewSonic PJD6352 3500 is also included in my list of the best projector under 500 because of its appropriate size and weight. The projector displays images and video with a remarkable sharpness and resolution. This projector is perfect for any event where you wish to play videos like a home viewing party for your family and friends.

The sounds produced by the projector is also decent enough to fill a small room without the need for an external speaker. The ViewSonic PJD6352 3500 is also capable of powering a 10W speaker when used at a bigger room like a conference room or community hall.

This best projector under 500 is also compatible with all kinds of connections from wireless to wire connectors like HDMI dongles and MHL connectors. The ViewSonic PJD6352 3500 is also pleasant to the eyes since there is no cable clutter at the back of the projector, which is made possible because of the cable management hood.

Product Features and Technical Details

  • Throw distance is 1.8 – 12 feet with screen size of 109-inches / 30 feet distance with screen size of 274-inches
  • Great contrast resolution with 3500 lumens projector
  • Compatible with various devices including Mac, DVD players, Windows, Amazon FireTV, Google Chromecast, Apple TV and Blu-ray players
  • 1 year warranty on lamp and 3-year warranty on labor and parts
  • Advanced color technology and perfect sharpness, making the projector ideal for use in corporate environments, schools, and at home.

The ViewSonic PJD6352 3500 can also seamlessly display videos and images, making it a solid entry in my list of the best projector under 500. Its 1024 x 768 resolution creates a wide color range, which easily displays images in any environment. The total performance of the projector is impressive: it has high screen contrast resolution, brightness, natural color, and excellent and audible sound.

I gathered several reviews online and some of them pointed out several areas for improvement that the ViewSonic PJD6352 3500 can address in future models. The auto-keystone is lacking on this projector though there are easy to follow instructions, but it will be more convenient for users if it has auto-keystone. Overall, the ViewSonic PJD6352 is one of the best projectors under 500, and it is worth buying because of its amazing features and specifications.


Optoma GT760A 720p 3D DLP Gaming Projector

Gamers and on-the-go users will love the Optoma GT760A because of its real high contrast ration – 20,000:1 and it has 3200 lumens for an intense bright image. Whatever type of media you are using online such as the Xbox, PS4, Wii U, and PC LAN Party, the Optomo GT760A will not disappoint you with its high detailed textures and amazing shadow. This is made possible because of its real high contrast resolution.

The Optoma GT760A is not only for gamers, but it is also perfect for movie lovers because of its Blu-ray movie viewing that can expand the screen from 4 inches to 159 inches. Another good feature of the projector is the HDMI Media Sticks that can widen a small screen on your phone through the help of this projector. I was able to use the projector to play video games on a life-sized screen. I also tried using the Optoma GT760A to watch Google’s Chromecast and Amazon’s FireTV by connecting the HDMI connector to the projector.

Product Features and Technical Details

  • DLP technology – provides great color, sharp picture, and incredible brightness even there is a light source.
  • Powered by BrilliantColor which gives a vibrant color and fast digital performance
  • 3,200 lumens image and 20,000:1 contrast ratio
  • Full HD and full 3D support with 2D and 3D conversion
  • Can connect to your smartphone using HDMI Media Sticks
  • 0.5-Watt power for eco-friendly purposes
  • Automatic keystone is available

Most reviews I gathered gave the Optoma GT760A a perfect score of five because it is a great projector for every gamer and movie lover. The only cons I saw in the Optoma GT760A is its speaker because it’s not the best projector to use in a large room. Other than that, the Optoma GT760A is one of the best projectors under 500.


There are many projectors available on the market, but not all of them can perform as promised. If you do not wish to go over your budget, choose one from the five best projectors under 500 I mentioned above. The projectors in this list are definitely worth their prices because of their incredible features that guarantee seamless presentations each time.

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