Best Projector under 200

After we already reviewed the best projector under 500, we’re now going to focus on the best projector under 200.

Home entertainment systems are a wonderful addition to any household. It can bring families together for a TV/movie or game night. You can even have some of your friends come over while you watch a movie together while camped out in the backyard. Gamers can also play their favorite video games together for a competitive and fun night. You can use TVs for gatherings like this, but projectors are even better. Projectors help TV and movie fans enjoy their favorite shows and films on a bigger screen without having to leave the comfort of your home. The best projector under 200 can give you amazing picture quality with all the features that are meant to enhance your viewing experience.

The following projectors are great options for a home theater system, and they provide the best value for your money. They have all the attributes that you might look for in the best projector under 200. The various projectors on my list are readily available online, and can be bought for a reasonable price.

CiBest GP90 LCD Projector

The CiBest GP90 LCD Projector is a high-end projector that is best for home theater and family entertainment. It features a projection size of 35 to 180 inches with a distance of 1.2 to 2.5 meters. This makes it perfect for the ultimate wide screen experience.

The projector has a built-in maximum resolution of 1280×800, with a decoder chip that supports a full 1080p high definition video input. Its LED lamp has a Luminous Efficiency of 3200, and it provides a more intense brightness than the usual projectors. It is built to last and can work for up to 30000+ hours or at least 20 years of regular use without needing a lamp replacement.

Upon testing, I have confirmed that this projector can also be connected to various multimedia systems including laptops, mobile phones, and even video game consoles such as the PlayStation 3 or 4 and the X-Box/X-Box 360/X-Box One. Games and movies can now be enjoyed on a bigger screen and can be shared by more than one person with the CiBest GP90 LCD Projector.

Product Features and Technical Details

  • Has a native resolution of 1280 x 800, True 800p
  • Capacity to support 1080P Video
  • Built-in HiFi Stereo system with amplifiers
  • Supports video games, home movies, photo viewing, and backyard cinema.
  • Advanced LED source technology to provide a brighter image
  • Projection Size of 35-180″ and distance of 1.2m-5.5m

I was amazed at the incredible picture quality that the GP90 LCD Projector it produces. I was able to easily install the projector, and it can be set up in multiple ways. I noticed that the picture is a lot clearer, however, on a darker or dim room as opposed when I used it in a brightly lit venue.


Croyale Video HD Projector

The Croyale Video HD Projector has a 32-inch to 200-inch projection size. It is meant for large screen viewing without the harmful effects of TVs, computers, and smart phones on your eyesight. The Croyale Video HD Projector comes with four projection methods, specifically Front or Rear on Desk, or Front or Rear on Ceiling methods which greatly enhance your viewing experience.

The Croyale Video HD Projector also comes with stereo speakers. When I played some videos on the projector, I was able to watch it in surround sound thanks to its SRS capabilities. Moreover, I was able to easily make several adjustments to the projector when I was testing it using the included remote control. This is highly useful when users are doing presentations or slideshows for corporate or special events.

Product Features and Technical Details

  • 3200 Lumen efficiency with 3000:1 static contrast ratio
  • Has a native resolution of 1280×800 and supports a maximum resolution of 1920×1080
  • Built-in stereo speakers with SRS Sound
  • Supports various file formats through its USB Driver
  • Remote control access, featuring picture flip, freeze, picture pause and zoom.
  • LED lamp may be used for approximately 20000 hours and can be replaced.

This projector is an inexpensive gadget which can be used in both indoor and outdoor settings. The only downside that I noticed was that it cannot produce the same outstanding picture quality when used in bright areas. I had to make several adjustments to the lighting fixtures in the room where I tested the projector before I was able to get a clearer picture output.


Fixeover GP100 Projector

The Fixeover GP100 Projector is a wonderful alternative to buying a large screen television. It gave me practically the same viewing experience minus the expensive price tag and the harmful effects to my eyes. More importantly, the Fixeover GP100 Projector provides a certain flexibility in terms of how and where I was able to use it.

The GP100 projector is perfect for large screen viewing and is best set to a decent image size of 72 to 120 inches. It is HD ready and is installed with a decoder chip that is capable of supporting 1080p for a richer image and superior resolution. It comes with stereo speakers with SRS Sound system. I was able to adjust the volume directly within the projector.

Product Features and Technical Details

  • Physical Resolution of 1280 X 800Pixels
  • Equipped with HD Ready technology
  • LED Luminous capacity of 95 percent using 3500ANSI Lumens
  • Maximum brightness level of 380 lux, with a contrast ratio of 3000:1 on static and 10000:1 on dynamic.
  • Has a built-in 4ohm 5W stereo speakers with SRS Sound system.

I liked the functionality of the GP100 Projector and the clarity of the image it produces. It did not take up a lot of space and I was able to easily store and set up whenever I needed to use it. Another advantage of using this projector is that it does not have to be pitch dark in order for it to produce a clear picture, so I was able to use it even in the daytime.

It does not have a Zoom in/out option, however. I had to manually adjust the image size by placing the projector at an appropriate angle and distance from the screen.


Simplebeam Native 720p WXGA Video LCD LED Projector

The Simplebeam WXGA Video LCD LED Projector is easy to set up and operate. It is built to be durable and is highly cost efficient. Hence, it can be considered as a top contender for my list of the best projector under 200 among the many options available in the market.

The Simplebeam WXGA Video LCD LED Projector features high brightness and resolution capabilities. The projector is likewise equipped with high-quality speakers that resemble the sound quality and atmosphere of theater projectors.

The Simplebeam WXGA Video LCD LED Projector can be set up or mounted in several ways, and I successfully connected it to different devices. It has a built-in dual USB port as well as dual HDMI outlets.

Product Features and Technical Details

  • High brightness and resolution, with 3200 ANSI lumens, 1280 x 800 pixels resolution, and 10000:1 contrast ratio
  • Capacity to support various devices
  • LCD panel is equipped with an optical system that is powered by an LED light for optimum brightness
  • May be efficiently used in multiple environments and settings
  • Easy to navigate and operate

I tried using the Simplebeam projector both in an indoor and outdoor setup. Just make sure that you use it in a dim room in order to have the clearest picture resolution. The brightness and picture quality can be manually adjusted to achieve the desired output.


Leakind GP90 HD LCD Projector

The Leakind GP90 HD LCD Projector is a versatile gadget that is ideal for both business and home entertainment use. I was able to connect it to a TV, and it can also be connected to a personal computer, laptop, video game consoles, smart phones, tablets, and VCD and DVD players.

With AV and VGA ports, I was even able to use the projector with old VHS and Video players. I only had to buy compatible adapters for the HDMI and other consoles as these are not provided with the unit.

Product Features and Technical Details

  • Has a brightness capacity of 3200 Lumens with a native resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels and can support up to 1080P Video
  • Provides a portal for AV and VGA-PC as well as two ports for USB and two Ports for HDMI
  • Energy efficient LED Lamp with a working capacity of up to 30000 hours
  • Has a built in speaker system.

The Leakind GP90 HD LCD Projector still produces a clear and crisp picture quality even in the daytime. It works best at night though or in dimly lit rooms or venues. It also does not have a size adjustment feature. To get the best view, I had to manually place it at a distance for the best output.


Having the best projector under 200 gives you an extraordinary movie experience comparable to that of going to the cinema. It allows you to enjoy movie or game time with friends and family without going out of the house. Moreover, its functionality and flexibility gives you the best value for your money.

Having a home theater is truly within your reach as long as you know the features to look for before you purchase the best projector under 200 for your home.

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