Best Record Player Under 200

Record players that are of great quality are hard to come by, let alone for under $200. Thanks to our research skills, we’ve been able to nail down the Best record player under 200. In this article, you’ll find factors that you should consider before buying a record player under $200, and even tips for choosing the best record player within this price range for your needs.

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Record Player Under

Before you buy your record player, you’ll want to become acquainted with some of the pieces and parts on the device, as well as how each part can make the record player sound better or worse. First things first, though: your modern record table is more likely to have modern amenities and features that an old record player most definitely wouldn’t have ha.

Some of these features may include a USB port so that you may play your mp3 files through the speakers on the record player, and you may find that you’ll be able to convert your traditional vinyl records to mp3s with specific record players. The more modern features, the pricier the unit becomes – especially if it boasts high-quality sound.

As yourself the following questions when you go looking of the best record player under 200:

  • Do you want Bluetooth capabilities?
  • Do you want your record player to be able to play mp3s, too?
  • Are you wanting to digitize your records anytime soon?
  • Would you prefer automatic or manual?
  • Want the listening to yourself? Do you want a headphone jack?

Of course, there’s more to know than the aforementioned questions. It’s worth mentioning that the more precise sound that you receive from a record player, the pricier that it will be, but that’s not to say that all under $200 are low-quality in terms of sound. In fact, there are some record players of incredible quality within this price range.

Speaking of price: depending on how much you spend on the model, you may be required to purchase some of the accessories. The pricier the model, the more likely you are to have to buy the cartridge and stylus separate from the unit itself. The higher quality the cartridge, the more money you’ll be spending. While there are some for as low as $20, there are also some that cost more than a grand.

It’s worth mentioning that if you find a unit that you like, that already has a USB equipped, you won’t have to buy a phono preamp along with the unit, as this comes installed already. You can buy external ones, though, for better quality – if you want to mod your unit.

Tip: the cartridge type and the preamp have to match, as you can’t mix and match moving coils or magnets.

Tips to Know Before Buying a Record Player Under $200

One major tip for buying a record player under $200 is that if you want minimal assembly, you’ll want to go with something cheaper. Most within this price range don’t require you to get too technical with assembly, like more expensive models – thankfully.

If you’re looking to mod your device any time soon, especially extensively, most entry-levels under $200 won’t give you this freedom. Components aren’t chosen easily or at all with these types, and the sound may be lower grade than if you saved up and spent between $400-500 on a unit. Something else to consider is that there are some components you can change like fixed cartridges, but you should also know that you won’t be able to change, mod, or replace the sound conversion device that makes the vibrations into electrical signals.

Those with pre-amps are capable of being plugged into other devices like your computer, PC, Mac, speakers, or other units. Being able to do so gives you a wide range of versatility without having to mod the unit. Don’t like the speakers too much and won’t a more robust sound? Just plug this into other speakers or your computer!

You should never overlook these specifications when looking for a great record player, no matter the price range:

  • The speed variation – The variation of the speed is ultimately how the record player decides how the record should be played. When you have too much variation, you’ll find that the themes coming from the speakers won’t be as smooth and soulful.
  • Playback speed – The playback speed is different from speed, despite how confused some people may seem. The rotation of the record on the unit is what the playback speed is, and the type of record you decide to go with will have to coincide with this. There are record players that have ranges between 33RPM and 45 RPM, and there are some that are higher. It’s also worth mentioning that lower end units may come with adaptors for 45 records.
  • S/N ratio – This may not be heard often enough for those just beginning to dabble into the world of record playing, The ratio of a record player will let you know how much white noise there will be in the background of your music. You should always look towards numbers higher than 60 decibels so you have minimal white noise lingering in the back.

Never forget to look at the quality of the cartridge, as the better the quality, the more robust sound that you’ll her. If you find a record player that is capable of having modifications, you’ll find that replacing the cartridge is the single most effective way to improve the quality of the sound.

Beyond this, you’ll want to learn more about pitch control, whether you want a belt drive or direct, as well as your preference for USBs, and the kind of records you want to play.

The internet is an information highway where the world’s darkest secrets about units as trivial as record players can be released for public knowledge. Finding the best record player under 200 isn’t that difficult, and we hope we’ve helped you begin your journey successfully. Continue reading for some of the best units we’ve found under $200.

The Best Record Players Under 200

1ByOne Belt-Driven Bluetooth Turntable

First on our list is the 1ByOne belt-driven Bluetooth turntable that features modern amenities. Some of these include the following:

  • Conversion capabilities from vinyl to mp3
  • Vintage styled record player
  • Built-in speakers, stereo
  • Bluetooth capabilities equipped
  • Plug and play options
  • 2-way crossover speaker system

The Breakdown of the Features

There’s a ton of great features of this record player, including the aesthetics. Featuring a traditional and vintage design infused with modern specifications, you’ll be able to get the best of both worlds. When it comes to the sound, there are built-in stereo speakers with a 2-way crossover system to ensure that the sound is optimized with robust clarity and soulfulness.


  • Classic turntable design for those that want both style and modern features
  • Bluetooth capable for those that want ultimate freedom
  • Can plug and play to tablets, PCs, MP3 players, phones, and more
  • Can convert songs from vinyl to MP3 and store directly on your mp3 player
  • Great for all genres of music


  • This device only comes in two colors, but the options given are sleek and neutral
  • Cannot be plugged in wirelessly to any speakers, but the RCA plugs suffice just fine


Audio Technica AT-LP60BK Fully Automatic Belt-Driven Record Player

Next on this list is a great product from Audio Technica, and it features great amenities for the price. Some of these features include:

  • Operation is fully automatic
  • Switchable phono pre-amp with RCA cables for output
  • Anti-resonance
  • Integral dual magnet phono cartridge
  • 2 speeds – 33 1/3 and 45 RPM

The Breakdown of the Features

If you’re wanting an automatic unit that has a couple of replaceable features for better sound, then you’ll want this inexpensive unit from Audio Technica. We can’t get over the price for the features that this unit boasts.


  • You won’t need an adaptor to use the 45 mode on this unit
  • The stylus is replaceable, as is the cartridge
  • This unit is fully automatic – no manual operation required
  • Great for beginners and those more seasoned in record players


  • Is not capable of playing 78’s, but many modern ones aren’t without some sort of adaptor
  • Only neutral color options available, no hot retro red for those wanting to be super traditional
  • Not readily portable in a suitcase style carrier, but most don’t need to be portable


MUSITREND LP 3-Speed Turntable w/ Built-in Stereo Speakers

Next on this list is a product from MUSITREND that is super inexpensive and well-received from those who have purchased. The features of this unit include the following:

  • Auto on and off switches
  • Built-in stereo speakers, 2-way for clear sound
  • Capable of recording from vinyl to mp3
  • Solid wood finish

The Breakdown of the Features

If you want something that’s capable of recording beautiful and soulful sounds from your records to your mp3 player, you’ll be able to do so with this MUSITREND LP 3-speed turntable with stereo speakers built-in!


  • This unit is capable of playing 33/45/and78 without you purchasing additional adapters
  • The aforementioned comes equipped with a 45 adaptor already
  • You can record your vinyls straight to your mp3 player with ease
  • There are auto on and off switches for those that want to preserve record quality, as well as electricity


  • Depth is actually 14-inches, not 13 as the listing states, not a true disadvantage but something to think about for those that have space constraints
  • Could sound better through external speakers


JORLAI 3-Speed Wooden Retro Turntable

Manufactured by JORLAI, this next lightweight retro turntable is great for those who want added portability without spending an arm and a leg. Features include:

  • Vinyl to mp3 recording and transforming
  • Can also convert to WAV if necessary
  • External speakers included
  • Auto stop functions

The Breakdown of the Features

If you want something that’ll play great music to your phone, speakers, or other audio device, while being able to transform these records into WAV or MP3 formats, the Jorlai is the option for you. There are 3-speeds within this unit, including 33 1/3, 45, and 78 RPM without additional adapters!


  • Features retro design that’s clean and neutral
  • Built-in stereo speakers for a great sound without purchasing additional accessories
  • Supports vinyl to mp3 conversion
  • AUX Input, RCA Outputs also included within this unit


  • If you want something heavier, maybe something as weighted as a traditional record player, you may want to skip out on this unit as it’s quite lightweight


Sony PSHX500 Hi Res USB Turntable

Last on our list is a stereo record player from Sony. The PSLC300USB unit is one that’s a little higher than most on this list, but still well under the budget. Features include:

  • 33 1/3 and 45 RPM speeds
  • Operation is fully automatic
  • There’s a phono preamp already built-in
  • Static balance tonearm
  • USB audio output
  • Belt-driven system

The Breakdown of the Features

For a decent price, you can get a sleek and neutral modern USB record player. If you want something that’s not so retro in appearance, but want that retro sound and vibe – this is your dream record player.


  • This unit features a belt-driven system, and as a static balance tonearm
  • There is already a phono preamp built-in, thanks to the inclusion of a USB audio output system


  • This unit is not capable of playing 78’s right out of the box
  • No manual operation, but automatic is great for everyone



There’s a ton of information being thrown at you, and your mind may be spinning as fast as your next record player. If this is the case, you may want to check out our suggestion for the best record player under 200 from this list. We believe that this belt-driven Bluetooth turntable from 1ByOne is one of the best, and the price is fantastic. The general perception of this device by those who’ve purchased this are promising, and we think this is great for both seasoned pros and rookies alike.

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