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Top 5 Best Camera with Flip Out Screen

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camera with flip out screen

Getting the perfect angle with a comfortable posture, and ample time to capture the best moment sounds like a photographer’s dream. Instead, what do we get more often? - Overcrowded places, where you can’t get to the front row. Imagine bending down for that low ground shot when you have a bad knee. The answer to all these questions is a camera with flip out screen.

You can hold it above your head in a crowd, and still see what you are capturing. You can even see what you can photograph beyond a wall! What a cool piece of tech! Below is the list of the top 5 best camera with flip out screen

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1. Nikon D5500

It is not surprising to see Nikon at the top of our list. The D5500 is a camera people will envy you for. It has a 24.2MP CMOS sensor with a really sharp autofocus system. You can use the vari-angle flip out LCD screen to take stunning selfies and photos from interesting angles. The LCD is touch screen and easy to use. You also get superb Autofocus, and ISO sensitivity with this camera with flip out screen. Other highlights include the built-in WiFi and NFC for smooth connection. A great product at its price!

2. Canon EOS Rebel T6i

The Canon EOS Rebel T6i is a DSLR you can use with a flip out screen. It comes with a vari-angle 3-inch ClearView II touchscreen LCD monitor on the back. It gives you great versatility in camera positioning and Canon’s OIS technology helps eliminate any blurs you get while shooting. The result is ultra sharp and amazing photos and videos. The 24.2MP CMOS sensor performs exceptionally well in low light conditions as well. You can record Full HD videos in the easily editable MP4 format.

Built-in WiFi and NFC are other highlight features. What’s more? You get the 1TB storage at Canon Connect Station CS100 and the Canon Warranty.

3. Nikon CoolPix L840

At #3, we have another Nikon product. Cheap, and durable, the CoolPix L840 is a great camera with flip out screen. It comes with 38X optical zoom, and built in WiFi and NFC. You can use the large 3-inch high resolution flip out LCD screen to take low angle shots as well as shoot from high angles. Additional features include vibration reduction, full HD 1080p video and target finding Autofocus technology. It is also the cheapest product on our list.

4. Samsung NX Mini

It’s so easy to take selfies with this camera. The flip-up screen is not meant just for selfies only though. This slim and stylish camera comes with SMART features with which you can instantly share your captures on instagram, facebook, via email. Built in WiFi and NFC lets you quickly connect to other devices. The 20.5MP sensor gives sharp details on low light, and you also get a long battery life for hours of photography fun on a single charge.

5. Sony Cybershot DSC RX100

At #5 we have a camera that probably deserves a higher spot on the list of camera with flip out screen. The only reason we put it here is it’s high end price which makes it a camera that is not for everyone. The features are definitely worth the price though, for it comes with the World’s first EXMOR RS stacked CMOS, and gives you high resolution 4k recording. The 3-inch Xtra fine multi-angle LCD display can be rotated up 180 degrees and down 45 degrees. You can easily photograph over crowds or take low ground shots with this camera.


An Camera with flip out screen can do a lot for you. You can get rid of the glare in bright sunlight without tilting your camera from the perfect position you worked so hard to get. You can shoot great selfies, shoot from high angles, shoot low to the ground with tripods, and capture great images even in crowded places. It’s amazing how many wonders one piece of hardware can do for your photography experience. So, if you are looking for a camera with flip out screen, get anyone from our list above, and take stunning photos in even the most confined spaces!

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